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Time-tested solutions of the science of
If you are striving for success, pay heed to our message: despite your best efforts, the time factor can make or break you. The principle is that the outcome of any action is influenced by the prevailing quality of time. Key to success is right-timing your big moves.
Vedic Astrology has powerful tools for analysing the flow of time and evaluate the success potential of a person in a given place at a given time. Your Good Times Planner is the result of applying this science of timing, called muhurtha in Sanskrit. Don't gamble or strive blindly. Know in advance when the time factor is working in your favour and then give it your best shot. Be it launching a project, major buying or selling, travel, scheduling meetings, undergoing surgery, starting a course of study, moving into a new home, marriage or just about any major event in your life: there's a time for you to shine!
MESSAGE You think you have found your life partner. You are already contemplating marriage. Still, there's a niggling doubt: "Is this really the right person for me?"

There's only one way to know for sure - the Marriage Compatibility Report. This time-tested method based on the science of Vedic Astrology compares the horoscope of both parties and gives the verdict.

The 13-point test explores various aspects of your relationship to determine whether there is sufficient bonding chemistry for marriage. Areas assessed include harmony of mind, innate nature, health, sexual compatibility, progeny, prosperity, magnetic attraction, strength of the marital bond, occupational inclination, body type etc.

Vedic Astrology is born of the Vedas. We now present Vedic (scriptural) evidence to back our statement that the subtle qualities of time can directly influence the outcome of your actions. EVIDENCE Long before the trial marriage was invented, Vedic society had a simpler, smarter, safer system of discerning whether a proposed couple could survive marriage.
To get a better picture of what you will be getting, test drive this sample Good Times Planner for one businessman based in Penang, the Pearl of the Orient. To reduce size, sample's timelines are truncated to first three months only - your own Planner will run for a full year ahead. SAMPLE

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Could Vedic Astrology have averted the royal tragedy?
They called it the Match of the Century - when Prince Charles married the late Princess Diana. Get the verdict from the standpoint of Vedic Astrology: The Marriage Compatibility Report of Charles & Diana.
Your name, date-time-city of birth, your base (city) of operation, starting date of your Good Times calculations and your receiving email address. INPUT Name, date-time-city of birth - yours as well as your partner's - and your receiving email address.
Your Good Times Planner will be compiled into an electronic booklet and delivered to you by email within 48 hours. It explodes into a html file complete with hypertext links to calendar, daily timetables, explanatory texts and glossary. Simply view it in your browser and click through the links. Or set it up as a shortcut icon on your Windows desktop for ready reference. OUTPUT Your Marriage Compatibility Report is summarised into a html file and emailed to you within 48 hours.
You can view the file in your browser and print it. The first page gives the summary and the overall result, whether Pass or Fail, followed by the details of the score for the 13 subtests.
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