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Astrology Sessions: E-Mail Questions
New! Ask Rita Ann up to two (2) questions by e-mail for a speedy response. Answers sent within 24 hours. Just $25.00 per e-mail payable via Visa, Mastercard, Discover or personal check. Use our on-line form for fast and easy ordering.

Astrology Sessions: ChartWatch!
New! Get a detailed and precise look - financial, romantic, physical, emotional - at the upcoming week in your life. As different planets transit your chart and influence your place in the universe, Rita Ann will keep you up to date with what to expect so you can prepare and make the right decisions. Just $249.00 for a whole month payable via Visa, Mastercard, Discover or personal check. Use our on-line form for fast and easy ordering.

Want to see a ChartWatch??

Astrology Sessions: Personal Consultations
30 Minute Telephone Consultation - Each Session is $95.00 and the call is on us! One or more of the following services may be combined in any session. Use our on-line form for fast and easy ordering.

The Natal Chart Session Who am I? What am I here to learn? How may I become more self aware? What are my strengths, talents, challenges?

Progressions What might I encounter in the months or years ahead? Choosing a date... for an important event, wedding, etc.

Relationship Analysis How are we compatible? What are our weaknesses and strengths? (Requires 2 charts, $160.00 for both)

Career Focus What are my career options? Should I change my profession? To what? When?

Astrology Sessions: Mundane Consultations
Rita Ann is one of the world's finest Mundane Astrologers. Mundane Astrology can be used for guidance with business and corporate issues. Use our on-line form for fast and easy ordering.

Business Relations Will this new business partnership be profitable? What are the strengths and challenges? How may we resolve the difficulties in our already established business relationship?
Choosing a Date Business opening, closing a deal, tracking trends, strategizing, future planning, making significant purchases...and more.
Rates: Mundane Charts/Sessions/Consultations begin at $395.00
Follow Up Consultation: $3.00 per minute
Mundane ChartWatch: $300.00 per month

Remember; "Millionaires don't use astrology,
BILLIONAIRES do!" - J. Pierpont Morgan

Live Personal Appearances
Ms. Freeman is available for live personal appearances for your club, group or organization. This high energy presentation is entertaining, informative and funny and encourages group participation. For more information call (414) 432-0877 or contact her business manager Kim M. Clark directly.


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Green Bay WI 54301 (414) 432-0877 FAX (414) 432-0877

Business Manager - Kim M. Clark

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